Sol*Saver Water Pasteurizer

  • Microbiological research has proven that solar heat can be employed to thermally disinfect drinking water. 

  • Bacteria and viruses can be destroyed simply by heating drinking water up to 150˚F (degrees Fahrenheit or 66˚C), the point at which pasteurization occurs, making the water safe to drink.
The Sol*Saver unit has been designed to reach the temperature of 150˚F/66˚C in sunny conditions in around two hours. 

Built with aluminum, stainless steel and tempered glass, the unit is rugged and easily transportable.  Equipped with eight 22 oz. stainless steel bottles, the user simply fills the bottles with water, closes the cap, snaps them into the unit and closes the transparent lid. All that remains to be done, is to wait until built-in thermal indicators record that pasteurization temperature has been reached.
Once finished, the stainless steel bottles (themselves disinfected in the process) are allowed to cool and will provide long-term sanitary storage of the disinfected drinking water.  Using drinking water out of the stainless steel bottles avoids the potential for recontamination, often a risk encountered with batch type solar pasteurizers.  

On sunny days, several heating cycles can be achieved, providing a multi-day store of reusable, easily transported water bottles.

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