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Please note that the Blazingtube has been improved in 2014/15.  Please come back often, to check out the latest developments about this exciting new solar cooking appliance.


Promoting the use of solar energy in developing countries has been the goal of many organizations worldwide. Appropriate applications of solar in such regions, include electric production, thermal water disinfection, food drying, and solar cooking.

However, as is the case with solar energy in general, the adoption by families in developing countries has been minimal.  Initial cost, ease of use, reliability and long-term durability have often been significant factors, which dissuaded widespread uptake. 

Decades have been spent designing and redesigning solar technologies, in hopes that all the right elements can all be incorporated into products that ultimately prove themselves to be desirable to end users. 

In this evolving effort, both the Blazing Tube Solar Appliance and the Sol*Saver Water Pasteurizer unit have advanced the state of art, offering the next best chance at successfully addressing the needs of a vast portion of humanity demanding appropriate technology transfer.



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