Problems and Solutions

Even in the modern world, several billion people still live without the convenience of electricity, nor a basic source of safe drinking water.  Wood, animal dung, and other solid fuels are the only energy supplies available, and with the growing human population, are becoming ever more scarce.  Deforestation, often fueled by the need for firewood, is becoming widespread, adding a dimension of environmental disaster to the ongoing struggle.

Many studies have pointed out the obvious conclusion, that industrialized nations should be doing more to aid technology transfer to less developed regions.  Global climate change concerns make such efforts both self-serving, as well as humanitarian, since all nations are threatened by rising global temperatures.  Unfortunately, products popular in industrialized nations are often irrelevant or unobtainable in remote or rural village settings.

Designing technologies appropriate and affordable for the large number of poor populations must become a focus for organizations seriously addressing these environmental and economic challenges.

Vast areas of the world are rich in sunshine and can benefit greatly through the development of simple, yet efficient and durable solar appliances.  Solar implementation can address multiple problems simultaneously, including deforestation, respiratory diseases, contaminated water supplies and fuel scarcities.

In this pursuit, both the BlazingTubeSolarAppliance and the Sol*Saver Water Pasteurizer units have been conceived, designed and tested to meet the very fundamental goals of reducing human misery, environmental degradation and economic deprivation.

Implementing programs to foster the use of these vital technologies is the remaining challenge. Support from international relief organizations, government agencies, non-governmental organizations and private businesses are currently being pursued.

Global self-sufficiency will only be attained when all countries are equipped with the means to renew their societies capabilities. Solar energy is a leading candidate for such technological evolution, but must be harnessed in the most suitable and varied manner, dictated by the needs of each segment of the human family.

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