The BlazingTubeSolarAppliance was tested on a rooftop comparing it with three commonly available and well established solar cookers.

Note from 2015: These tests were conducted with the original first generation Blazingtube. Since then the model has undergone changes and improvments and is more efficient and smaller in size.  
The parabolic solar cooker “SK14”
(SK14 in the following text). The LongLifePremium14 is made in Germany. It has a diameter of 1.4 m and a power rating for clear skies is 700 Watts. The cooker used has an all aluminum frame and came with three (aluminum) legs. The parabola should be adjusted every 20 minutes to optimize the cooking process. This model requires direct sunlight for optimal use. One pot at a time can be used.

Experiences in Hawaii: The SK14 is not very stable in the wind. The parabola starts swinging and rattling, which can lead to the liquid in the coking pot to spill. To stabilize the cooker on windy days sand bags had been used on all three legs and a brick attached to one of the sides of the parabola for additional weight.
The solar box cooker from Global Sun Oven®
(Sun Oven in the text): The Global Sun Oven®, manufactured and sold by Sun Ovens International, Inc, and food can be boiled, steamed, roasted or baked at cooking temperatures indicated up to 182° C (360°F). More than one small pot could be accommodated. It weighs 9.5 kg (21 pounds). The website of this cooker indicates that it does not need to be adjusted more than 2 or 3 times a day, although the FAQ section recommends 30 minutes intervals for maximum heat.

Experiences in Hawaii: The Sun Oven keeps the temperature very well.  The reflectors tend to flip in the wind and are noisy. Using the retractable single foot in the back on the highest setting makes the Sun Oven unstable and the use of a piece of wood or similar to stabilize the box is recommended. Intermittent clouds or bouts of rain do simply slow down the heating process, but do not cause a sudden drop in temperature.
The panel-style solar cooker CooKit
One of the best known panel style cookers, sold by Solar Cookers International, it is made in the USA. Light weight, made of cardboard and foil it folds flat to 33x33 cm and it is 5 cm thick (13"x13"x2"). It is listed as reaching temperatures in the mid-200ºF. According to the manufacture’s information the CooKit can not get wet.

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