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This site is dedicated to in-depth information about the Blazing Solar Tube Appliance and the Sol*Saver Water Pasteurizer.  

The BlazingTubeSolarAppliance is an innovative way of harvesting the free energy of the sun for cooking, baking, steaming and even frying food. It gets its name from the large diameter, all vacuum tube that is at the core of this versatile solar cooker.

The Sol*Saver Water Pasteurizer is a mobile water pasteurization kit, not bigger than a medium size suitcase that makes water safe to drink in around two hours.

To learn more about the Blazing Tube Solar Appliance and the Sol*Saver Water Pasteurizer please use the links to the left.

Update March 2015:

An exciting breakthrough in solar cooker design is now incorporated in every BlazingTube system.  

Intermittent solar conditions in many regions have led to a new backup option for users of BlazingTube cookers worldwide.  Essentially, a unique hybrid BlazingTube now permits users to employ the sun exclusively, or when weather is too cloudy, the ability to add heat energy from solid fuels simultaneously.  

This new BlazingTube is equipped with a rocket wood burner (and can also utilize gas burners), that gives a greater degree of reliability for the user, insuring fully cooked food everyday.  

BlazingTube can normally operate fully on sunlight alone, yet can instantly call upon the rocket stove as backup if sunlight is terminated by rain or extreme clouds.  Overall, it is estimated that the BlazingTube system will achieve up to a 90% solar fraction annually.  

The rocket stove is an efficient and smoke-free backup device, which provides for the remaining 10% of heat input.  

Overall, the BlazingTube solar cooking systems can function in three distinct modes:


  1. solar heat alone
  2. hybrid operating with solar and wood heat simultaneously, and
  3. wood backup alone.  (In extreme multi-day rain episodes).

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